Stephanie's picture of Zoe from our trip to AZ makes me realize how amazing things are with a baby. Time feels like it literally freezes and simultaneously whizzes by -- and is tracked not by the clock, but by the little things zoe learns each day.

All babies love lights, and Zoe is no exception -- the Christmas tree drew this to our attention. So we took her to the Mesa LDS Temple to see the display one night, and the Phoenix Zoo-Lights display another. It was so fun to watch her captivated by the stuff. A few days after we returned to LA, at her 2 month doctors appt, her dr noticed that her neck was stiff and that she did not like to turn her face to the right... so when I got home, I dug out a strand of Christmas lights and hung them to the right of her swing. Sure enough, she looks right when they are plugged in.

She and I have been going on LONG walks every other day in the evening. She loves to see the street lights and car lights and it wears her out until she drifts off for a nap in my sling. I walk about 2 miles. I just Google-Mapped my distance. I thought it would be more :(

I hope to keep it up. I start back at work on Monday.

Oh, and me and my Legendary Husband are going out on a date Monday night with Scott to see Do-Make-Say-Think and have a sitter. Woot!

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Dinisaur.Rawr said...

lol, Mona I didn't take that photo, you did. I just put it on my Flickr.

I took a different one. :)