4 or 13 depending on how you look at it

The Man and I celebrate our many years together today -- with a big date. We got concert tickets (Zero 7 @ The Orpheum!), a babysitter (I <3 Ami), and off we go to enjoy (Dr. Sears says I can have a glass of wine!). I am very much looking forward to it. I thought I would not be excited to leave Zoe for a few hours, but I am so sleep-deprived and house-worn that I am looking forward to the break and reconnect with my lovie.

Our Wedding

I have some very sad news that might be hard for some of you. So, sit down and grab a box of Kleenex. Our computer, Zero has passed on to the other realm. We were just browsing together the other day when he his chip just stopped. I tried to revive him, but his soul left in a pouf of smoke. We will miss him. It is never a good time to lose such a vital member of one's family. He was over 80 years old in computer years and had a good drive and just RAM out of juice. Funeral Services will be held Friday. We will cherish the back-up memories.