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My extended warranty expired and the suspension light just popped on when I hit a bump in the road, so I am now interested in selling my car.

2005 Scion xB - 78,000 Miles: ($8,500 As Is, $9,000 if I have fixed the cracked tail light, cracked windsheild, and suspension light issue prior to sale -- this is below blue book.) The car has been routinely maintained and I have all the receipts of service.

Me Car

UPDATE: Regarding the suspension light, it came on after hitting a bump and Internet said that happens with Toyota's sometimes but that the computer will check again in 50 miles and reset if there is nothing wrong and it did. However, we are still interested in selling and still offering the same price. (OBO)

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damhandiman said...

I will miss the little milk truck... I hope the next owner paints it red and white with a little cream of weber emblem on the back.