puck stops here

Everyone on our team passed their exams this past session so our VP took us out to Spago and I got to meet and shake hands with Wolfgang Puck, because he was there greeting some of the tables. The food was good, but I rarely opt to eat something that costs more than a hooker. After the lunch, I got to go home early, so yay for short Fridays.

Jennifer & Lindsey are still here and we are still rocking the fun. We had an awesome picnic at the Friday Night Jazz event at the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art (LACMA) and walked through a few galleries. It was awesome. We capped the night hanging out with Scott & watching movies (well, technically, I crashed out, but that's what everyone else did.) It was lovely.

Praise Yogurtland frozen yogurt, and pomegranate raspberry tart flavor, in particular. Mmmmm.