not bitter

I'm done grieving over my overwhelming failure on my exam. I got my score and I was one point away from passing. That makes me feel better. Sorry, internet, if I hurt your feelings with my last post. It was written in ironic humor, laughing while writing. The Man said it came out sounding mean. This is exactly what Evan is talking about when he says that The Man is the most persevering human on the planet (to deal with me for so many years.)

So, the reason for this post is last night's dinner.... I may not have mentioned that my new crusade is to make homemade, healthy dinner - 4 nights out of 5.

I had all this cheesy chicken and broccoli casserole leftover from Monday that I didn't think I could keep eating every meal. So, did this:

Chopped up the casserole.
Added 1/2 cup cottage cheese.
Wrapped it into Wonton Wrappers
Fried the little packages in olive oil & sesame oil
Separately fried up a package of fresh, spicy ramen
Added some veggies, water chestnuts.
and served the two in complement.

It was awesome, but way more calories that I thought. A good treat on day-off-the-diet Day (which yesterday wasn't.)

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