free therapy

Crafts make me happy. By that, I mean... I can avoid costly in-patient mental evaluations if I only continue to self medicate with the proper amount of designer paper and cleverly creative project ideas. Today's awesome therapy session will actually relax me later, too.

I made coconut & tea tree oil sea salt scrub. If you want to make some, too - here's how:

All you really need is 1:2 (any) oil & (any) salt/sugar. Salt is scrubbier, sugar is gentler. Optionally, you can add essential body oils - 5 drops per 1/2 cup of oil.

I made mine following this formula:

1/8 c. Virgin Coconut Oil

1/8 c. Virgin Olive Oil

1/4 c. Grapeseed Oil

1 c. Sea Salt (no iodide )

1/4 c Epsom Salts

5 drops Bergamot (100% Pure Essential Oil)

5 drops Tea Tree Oil

Simply stir together (I heated the coconut oil first for 5 seconds just to soften, mixed the oils first, added the salts, stirred, and then added the drops.) I found most of the ingredients in the regular grocery store/drug store. The essential oil was in a local drug store, but I had to check a few before I found one that carried them. The Tea tree oil and coconut oil were found at a local health food store. I plan to use the left over oils to cook with because they are the "good fat" type oils.

I already made some bath salts a while back by mixing just the epsom salts with the bergamot and they were awesome and gone really fast.

Last week, I experimented trying to make something for my hair resembling with the goal being like Schwarzkopf Mess Up. I melted in the microwave a few spoonfuls of Murphy's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade which is basically just bees wax and too heavy for my hair. When it was liquid, I used my blender to whisk in some L'Oreal Studio Heat Seeker Hot Straight until fluffy and the desired weight of the product I wanted - a soft tacky cream. The end results is the perfect product for my hair. I'm a bit bummed that it is a disgusting yellow color and separates a little bit. It isn't as pretty as the Mess Up, but it works just as well and I could make a gallon of it for under $10 - the real thing is usually $18 for 4 ounces. Next time, I will use a different wax to make it clear.

What's next, you ask? Why all the emphasis on relaxing? Why, because study season is back in full force, is a horse, of course. Which is a matter of remorse, I source, unless of course it's the famous "wish I'm dead."