I went golfing and found out that I really enjoy it. I'm thinking of taking it up seriously. I have taken up swimming (thanks a lot, Olympics... I didn't have enough hobbies already.) I have only gone 4 times, but I am up to 20 laps (still less than 1 mile.)

I taught Nancy how to make cinnimon rolls using this amazing recipe I found. (Usually I just toss ingredients, but it turns out that it pays to actually measure!) They were the most amazing accomplishment in my life. Hands down. If you are in a little competition with someone about who is the better homemaker, I recommend taking these beauties to the next pot luck. No one will know what hit them, and you will become a Legend.

Michael what's-his-name who just sleeps, eats, and swims....? That will be me. Eating these cinnamon rolls, swimming so I can eat these cinnamon rolls, and then sleeping off the sugar low afterward. Mmmm.

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