crazy amounts to discuss

We have been doing so much stuff with Brittany. Meditation gardens, Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art's Friday night Jazz (above), an Improv Comedy show with Madhuri, a barbeque taco night at Nancy's, to see "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in 3D and "Dark Knight," to a mid-night party for the release of her favorite author's newest book (Stephanie Meyers,) shopping for school stuff, Scrapbooking with Madhuri every weekend, mini-golfing and batting cages, and the planetarium. Of course it wouldn't be LA without getting on set of a TV show (they were filming something for MTV at the mini-golf place) and being shaken up by a pretty decent-sized earthquake. (We're fine, by the way. But we were IN it. And it was relatively scary.)

We do have a lot of pictures, but not a lot of time to post. It's been a whirl wind.
Oh, and I got the score for my exam - a four. If you recall, six is passing, and last time I got a zero. So, four is okay. I can accept a four. And that means that next time, a six is within reason. Oh, and exam study season is already resumed. I need to kick butt.

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