putting the stud in study

It occurs to me that you must really love me to be reading about the extremely banal things that I decide to write.

Captains Log: Stardate 1.25.2008 ...
Encountered a gaseous planet. No. That's just the bathroom.

Actually, I attended a technical lecture today on a theoretical technique of statistically predicting future losses, hosted by the published and accomplished actuary who came up with it. So, it's not as interesting as seeing around town the actors who play (that I can think of):

  • dad character on 'Alias,'

  • the crazy guy from 'Prison Break,' or

  • the geeky guy from 'The Office...'

or getting asked if we want to be paid to have a Hallmark commercial filmed in our apartment, or having the building across the street burn down last week and have 6 blocks closed down for the day, or such a storm the last two days that there were tornadoes in Malibu and hail falling at our place... but those things happen too. They just aren't as interesting as Stochastic Regression Models.

We watched "I Am Legend" and "Cloverfield" last weekend... and are back to the theatres for date night tomorrow - probably "There Will Be Blood."

I also started studying this week. The great news is that for the next 17 weeks, you can expect a predictable post every day saying "All I did is study." Every now and then I'll throw in the occasional, "I tried to study, but I just couldn't" to change things up. Living vicariously through me will have to wait until summer break. Good thing I'm not trying to make any money with my blog or anything, as encouraging as I am to my readership.

Mark is still whittling away on the old final draft of his script. It just gets better and better with each draft... and I am excited for him. He has another couple of weeks worth of work to do.

I was told officially today that I got my position at the Corporate Home Office, and am no longer in limbo. (This is great news, I think.) I guess everyone thought that someone else had already told me for sure, so it's been official for a while... I was just the last one to find out.

I guess I had something to say after all. And here I thought all I did was study.


Rachel said...

I always look forward to a new entry from you. I feel closer to you than I do with some of the people I see every day. Do you know it's been like 11 years since we've seen each other?! Weird huh?

Mona said...

I feel the same way about you and your blog. Like we could hang out tomorrow and it would be like no time has passed in our friendship. I think it's weird that all my frames of time reference are 10+ years in the past.