In a rare moment, I must confess that I am REALLY a big fan of the T.V. show "LOST."

At first, it was a guilty pleasure that I would try to conceal... like my mail order catalog fetish, or my love of soft socks and patterned paper.

But, I have been watching season 3 on DVD - and have noticed something new. This show is not just a pithy soap opera. It has deep and meaningful subtext, philosophical parody and satire. And the characters are far from generic stereotypes.

Check out the wiki if you don't believe me. I particularly enjoyed the list of character references (many names are pulled from famous thinkers during an 18th century battle of ideas: free will/social democracy ergo American Revolution vs. Calvinists pushing for social morality/Socialism & Royal Decree - as well as other fine moments of revolutionary thought.) Very Shakespearan - with the difficulty in pinpointing which group are the savages...

And I never really noticed show much literature is mentioned. (Or that it is always Sawyer reading whatever he can get his hands on.)

Thank you, TV land, for making one good show. If only you could figure out how to reproduce it.


Rachel said...

It's great to hear you share the love for LOST that I have! I think it's amazing! I am always interested in how the characters cross paths before the wreck and how sometimes you just have to watch things in slow motion to get it.

For example: The episode in the third season where Locke goes to the cabin to meet Jacob "The Man Behind the Curtain". Towards the end of the scene of the attack in the cabin, watch it in slow motion! Right after Ben says, "Alright that's enough, you've had your fun!"

I am sure that I miss a lot of things, and so I plan on starting the show over and start from the begining soon!

Mona said...

Me too! I also want to look up all the reference items and try to see if they contain any clues... i.e. literature mentioned, names of things, places, etc.