On Friday night, we saw the play, "The Chicago Conspiracy."

Almost all of the actors in the play have been in tv and movies. The performance was really amazing.

I scrapped to recharge my batteries, but that backfires when I scrap until 5 a.m. I still need new batteries, but my heart is scrapalicious.

I am now reading "Good in Bed" by Jennifer Weiner, a story about a Larger Woman coming to terms with her size. I read while I work out and enjoy the irony.

I am really starting to live for my weekends. For the first time in my mature adult life, (as recent blog posts attest) we are doing stuff on the weekend. Going places, events, fine eateries. It suits us to stay home, but as long as we're here in this Entertainment City, it seems necessary to "take advantage of it while we can." Because unless the housing market falls 300%, we will never be able to buy a home here... and will eventually leave.

Note: you know you are growing passive when a $200,000 studio condo sounds like a bargain you might consider.


Rachel said...

Dang it! I really need to come out and visit! I still want to come and see WICKED! Wanna go?

Mona said...

Heck yeah!