We drove out to Arizona for dinner on Thursday.

Although short, it was one of the best trips I've had lately. (Not saying much, since most of my trips this year have been funerals or business.)

But, it really made me remember how it feels to be surrounded by people who care. To be hugged incessantly. For the first time I realized... Arizona is as much my home as Utah or California. And Mark's family is as much my family as the one I was born into. I'm a McCowen. Don't panic, biological family, I haven't revoked my charter-membership to your particular brand of crazy. I'm just expanding my definition to include some very normal mid-Western folks with great genes. (My kids will be tall, leggy blondes.)

A major highlight was getting to spend a few hours holiday shopping, eating turkey leftovers and wrapping presents with Evan. In particular, I find it hard not to live close to the LB.

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damhandiman said...

Love you too. BS.<-thats you.