For anyone who is worried, we are not close enough to the wild fires burning here to be in any danger. The effect of the fires on us, personally, has been indirect. Mark has been working a lot of hours because someone at his work's house is in the path of the fire and she has been evacuated to somewhere and can't really come to work. Traffic is bad from people movement, and my office in Simi Valley is sandwiched between two fires: It isn't in any danger, but the smoke is said to be pretty ugly (I will be there tomorrow to find out for myself.)

Update: 10/24/2007 - I went up to Simi Valley today and those fires are pretty much not burning any more. The San Diego fires are still going... but Malibu is (I think) done, and the Northern ones are all out. Some people were coughing a little extra at work today, but not much.

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