I used to be hot

One of the things that made CA sound so lovely when we were sweltering in Arizona was that lovely claim of 72 degrees all year round. Well, it has been in the upper 80's for months, and our little AC unit in the back bedroom doesn't do me any good during the afternoons while Mark is sleeping. As it turns out, I was cooler in AZ where Mark could keep the AC set at 68 and the house was so cold I never was without a light jacket.

But, today, I had enough of sweating it out. Last straw and all that.

I stormed down to Home Depot, picked up a window AC unit, brought it home and installed it myself. It helps to be a farm girl and not be intimidated by these sorts of endeavors Now, I am wonderfully freezing. If you are sweltering, follow my lead. It wasn't difficult and they are 20% off this week.

I probably should have done something before the Thompson's visited... but then maybe we wouldn't have gone to the beach to beat the heat every day.

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