frequency versus severity

At my work we talk a lot about how more frequently occuring events usually have a small severity and that higher frequency events have higher severity. Granted, we are usually comparing hurricanes to Rita and Katrina. But, I realized it is true in the blog world, too. I don't write as much since I got busy at work. But what I write is a little higher quality, and says more. (This post excluded, perhaps.)

My work hosted a catered party at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art for all the Actuaries during work hours this week. They do this semi annually contingent that we beat the industry average in proportion of the test-takers who pass pass. We had a record number or takers and a record high ratio of passers, so it was a really fancy party. They presented me with a letter from the CEO telling me how great I am. (So true.)

I am getting really swamped at work now that everyone simultaneously realized that I am trained enough to be competent.

I expect the severity of my postings to trend downward as I become more and more wrapped up in work and exam prep. I am working on exam 2, and study an average of 2 hours per day min. (My planned schedule calls for 3, but that's a lot and I am lucky if I can force myself to sit still for 2.5)

I ordered two pairs of prescription glasses off the internet. Frames and Lenses packages start at $9. These prescription sunglasses glasses: $19.00, arrived this week. Not bad for the bargain.

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