1/6 playscale fun

I am trying to hand-craft a dollhouse and furniture for the girls before Christmas, and I'm trying to make pretty high quality stuff with mostly just my ingenuity. So far, I have quite the little living room going, and am trying to decide whether to do the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom next.  It's been really rewarding as a particular piece of furniture can be finished in a day or two where the work on our real house is much slower to get results on.

When I cut the components for my miniature coffee table with my full size table saw, I really felt like I was putting my fingers at risk.  It made me wish these exist.  And they do.  Aren't they adorable?  Now somebody buy them for me! :)

I think I am basically obligated to build a playscale garage to build a doll wood working shop in so I can put them away there when I'm not using them.  I just die.

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damhandiman said...

They are so cute, also I can't believe it's taken me this long to respond...1.41421356237.