go pee pee?

Remember this little girl?  This old picture of my little tiny sweetheart that used to wet herself?  She's GONE!  Replaced with a savant at toilet use.  We put it off and put it off, because it just seemed like more work than it was worth to train her, even though she seemed willing.  The few times we tried only yeilded a baby in diapers and a couch that smells like pee.  (Sorry if you have to sleep on my couch any time soon.)

A while back, we over spent on fun... so when it came to buying diapers, instead of going over budget, I suggested Mark give it another try with panties while J was here to help.  And so the mopping started on Monday.  But by Thursday and two bags of M and M's later, we have a kid that had her first full day AND night with no accidents.

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