it's a free country

I tend to avoid political discussion. To be honest, it is usually because I feel that everyone would prefer to:

a) watch tv for entertainment and avoid having an opinion
b) watch tv in order to find out their opinion
c) regurgitate something they heard on tv because it sounds good (with or without merit)

Personally, I don't watch tv. So when I eavesdrop conversations and I can't for the life of me figure out how everyone justs buys in for the slogan catch phrase and passes off these cliché ideas like they thought of them on their own.

That said, I read the state election propositions today. Man the blues and reds are really going at it like they have it all figured out for everyone. I don't know how they come up with the names on those things. If it is called the "People For Scrapbooking Bill," you can be sure that it makes cutting paper illegal and will somehow save the kids from predators. It really doesn't matter what the issue is, or who is for it... they are always doing it for the kids.

As I am deeply addicted to the blog-o-sphere, I am just
saddened when I see people commenting whenever someone says anything even
remotely political - like "shut up, nobody asked you." Well, why are they
reading this persons blog if they don't want to know what they think? And to
quote the aforementioned election materials I was reading today:

There are more ways to participate in the electoral process.
You can: [skip to the last bullet point]

* Help educate other voters about the candidates and issues by organizing
discussion groups or participatin gin debates with friends, family, and

I just want to make the point that this is an important part of making an informed decision and participating in the free and fair democracy that gives us what liberty we enjoy.

I'm not saying we're not a country full of thinking, socially responsible people. I'm sure everyone is responsible for thinking that they think. And me not excluded.

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