I love the beach. I had to study today, so I made it fun by doing it in a nest of pillows and blankets in the rocks next to the ocean in Malibu. Note - just because it's the ocean and california and everything... I still need to pack some gloves next time. I stopped by the paper store for some reward. I'm trying to get away from the food as a reward and replace it with paper, which - since I'm already addicted - is not so tough. (I impulse-purchased a Snickers in the checkout, though... so I'm still losing the war.)

I estimate that if I do a SB layout a week, I will have 2007 wrapped up in about a month. I notice that some years have tons and tons of stuff going on (lots of pictures) and then there is 2004 - where I see no point in even scrapbooking it. The entire year is like Memento, but without any polaroids at all. Take a picture today, or it will be like it didn't happen.

P.S. I'm on some strange documentary kick. I watched five documentaries in the last few days. I enjoyed: Sicko, Cocaine Cowboys, & What the Bible Says.

Oh, and while I'm at it, see Juno on my recommendation and then remember that I like odd-ball comedy and wonder what's wrong with a person that can joke about a baby in such unorthodox ways.

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