The OFFICIAL results are available online for my actuary exam, P/1.

If you are dying to find out whether or not I passed, go check the website for my candidate number, #27384. If you find it, I passed. If you don't, I failed.

Hey, and let me know will you? I'm too scared to look.


Rachel said...

CONGRATS!! See you're hard work paid off! Take a moment to celebrate you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mona: I found your lucky number
on Page 2 of 5!!!

Good for you.

Pat and Don McCowen
(aka mom and dad in law)

Mona said...

WOW! Thank you guys. I got my letter in the mail with my actual score today. And I was higher than the base pass rate (the pass scale is 6-10, and I got a 7).

I also picked up 5 inches of text for my next exam today. I have until November to master financial mathematics and some finance topics of economics.