last day of school

This afternoon, I take both of my finals and (assuming I don't fail them) I am done with college until I start my Masters. I'm going to wait a while.

I love how they call you and ask for a gift to the college right when you graduate. Shouldn't I pay my loans off first before I go helping poor students? I still am a poor student.

My ankle is fine by the way. I was off crutches in a couple days and walking gingerly. I'm ready to test it out in the cycle class, but haven't had a chance yet. It is still a little tender.

Last weekend, we went to Superior, AZ - an old practically abandoned mining town that is literally falling apart. While we were there, it was really windy and parts of the roofs of buildings were flying off, a window in an old hotel shattered and fell on the sidewalk, and phone lines looked like they were about to snap. It was an exciting photo shoot. We got some cool pictures of this crazy town.

This weekend I am studying for finals so we didn't go anywhere.

Friday, I walk the stage for graduation. Saturday is our "1 year" anniversary... corresponding with roughly 10 years together.

Some crazy week.

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