Laid Out

I just found an excellent gallery of scrapbooking pages for inspiration. Note that I created a webpage for my scrapbook pages linked from this page.

I am switching from sleeping afternoons to sleeping mornings and my body is roundly rejecting the idea. Which basically means that I am switching from sleeping afternoons to not sleeping. I don't recommend this kind of lifestyle change. There are a couple of things I really love and can't live without: coffee, eating, and sleep.

I haven't posted because this tired version of me is pretty lethargic and uninteresting - not to mention grumpy.

School is going well. I am keeping up with my classes even though my attendance due to the sleep problems has been worse than I usually allow. I am learning the most helpful-to-life formulas on comparing interest and growth rates on investments, loans, and other financial instruments.

The countdown until I get my score from the Actuary exam is down to 3 1/2 weeks left.

Me tired.

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